Windup (Karen Wimhurst)
Counterpoint (Robin Walter)
New Year (Helen Porter)
From Time Piece
From Some Other Time
Try Again Later (Helen Porter)
Some Other Time (Robin Walter)
Mascaras (G Mirabassi)
I Wanna Be Evil (Judson & Taylor)
Dancing (Karen Wimhurst)
Broken Bicycles (Tom Waits)
Misbehavin' play a wide range of standards and covers as well as some more unusual numbers and original material, below are some sample recordings.
See & Hear Us
What Shall I Wear? (Music & lyrics by Karen Wimhurst)
First Square on the Board (Music & Lyrics by Helen Porter)
Video from the latest album Time Piece 
Below are two new videos and some extracts from our albums Time Piece and Some Other Time.  To purchase either album click here